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Motorcycle helmets typically consist of four primary components. These include:

-The exterior shell.
-Comfort padding.
-Retention system.
-Impact-absorbing liner

Each of these important components function together to sufficiently protect the head and face of the motorcycle rider. Industry research indicates that a motorcycle rider is about 3 times more likely to die in a traffic accident if they are not wearing a helmet than if they do wear one. There are also other significant benefits to wearing a helmet.

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First, wearing a motorcycle helmet helps to reduce wind noise. Without a doubt, wind noise can be quite loud as it rushes by the rider’s ears. Consequently, that can make other road noises more difficult to hear, such as oncoming traffic and emergency vehicles. In addition to helpful noise reductions, helmets protect the face against road debris and from the sting of dirt particles.

Also, helmets offer protection against other weather-related conditions. Motorcycle helmets that are equipped with a visor can help to cut down on sun glare, which is critical when riding directly toward the sun at sunset or sunrise. A helmet also shields the rider’s face during rainstorms, which increases all-important visibility.

There can be lots of flying debris and objects on the street such as gravel, twigs and road salt that can be quite hazardous to a rider if they strike their face or head. Insects, too, can be a problem, which a motorcycle helmet protects against.

Just because a motorcycle helmet is such a critical part of safe riding doesn’t mean it has be boring, though. Custom Airbrush Graphics West Chicago IL by Psychotic Air can add vivid colors and interesting designs to your helmet. Stop by our shop or call to learn more about Custom Airbrush Graphics West Chicago IL!

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