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Custom Airbrushing for Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles and More – Serving Chicago and the Chicagoland Suburbs

Give your ride the new appeal it deserves with creating Airbrush Chicago solutions from Psychotic Air. Our expert staff specializes in leading-edge, high quality airbrush detailing for practically any make and model of cars, pickups, SUVs, motorcycles and commercial trucks for customers throughout the Chicagoland region.

We can paint anything from trunks and hoods to tailgates, roofs and doors to provide your vehicle with a unique look that you’ll love!

We provide work of the finest quality using durable, industry-leading airbrush paints that won’t fade, chip or peel. You can custom select your very own designs and our Airbrush Chicago artist will paint it to surfaces of your vehicle at competitive rates.

Share Your Ideas with Us – Airbrush Chicago

One of the key advantages to selecting Psychotic Air for your next Airbrush Chicago project is that there’s no need to settle for predetermined designs or preset templates. Instead, our artistic team can paint your own designs directly onto your vehicle. This enables you to become as creative as you’d like to be without any limitations.

Whether you are into sports, music, fantasy, sci-fi or what your airbrush images to make a statement or serve as a tribute to a loved one, we can bring your vision to life. Psychotic Air can create an appealing, unique work of art to your precise specifications!

Airbrush Chicago Paint is Safe for Autos, Motorcycles

One aspect to take note of is that airbrush paints are made to last for long time. That means that you’ll receive the kind of enduring results you want for your vehicle’s next look. With that in mind, Psychotic Air uses airbrush paints of the best quality that won’t risk damage or cause corrosion to the surface of your vehicle.

You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that our paint does not contain any type of hazardous chemicals that might corrode your vehicle’s metal frame. You’ll get the unique design you envision without worries over how it may affect the exterior of your vehicle.

Airbrush Chicago and Other Auto Painting Techniques

Naturally, there are more ways than one to add a new exterior design to your car, pickup, commercial truck, recreational vehicle or motorcycle. So, what makes airbrushing such a good choice? To put it simply, the airbrushing process involves the most effective techniques for producing the type of appealing results that vehicle owners want.

Rather than using brushes or other painting tools, airbrushing applies the paint directly onto the surface in a method that doesn’t require any contact.

This provides your vehicle with a smooth and detailed finish that is unequalled anywhere else in the industry. After all, your vehicle is among your largest investments – why settle for anything less that the highest quality paint applications? Get your vehicle airbrushed and benefit from the finest techniques in automotive designs today at Psychotic Air!

Why Choose Psychotic Air?

At Psychotic Air, we take pride in being capable of delivering the best level of satisfaction to our customers anywhere in the Chicagoland region.

Our artists have many years of experience in the industry and have successfully painted a wide variety of cars, trucks and motorcycles. We continue to develop a reputation as a reliable provider of superior airbrushing services and products that our customers enjoy. We’ll work closely with you through each step of the Airbrush Chicago project from beginning to end. This guarantees your complete satisfaction.

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Airbrush Chicago – Motorcycle Helmets

Without a doubt, airbrushing is among the leading trends today when it comes to motorcycle helmet designs. With a motorcycle helmet, you gain the advantage of creating a unique, interesting design that complements your motorcycle in a consistent fashion that sets you apart from the crowd.

At Psychotic Air, airbrush painting for motorcycle helmets of all varieties is one of our specialties. If you have an image or general theme in mind, our artists can expand upon your vision and make it come to colorful life on your motorcycle helmet. Have fun and get creative helmet airbrushing services from Psychotic Air today!

Motorcycle Helmets Your Way

With Airbrush Chicago design from our experienced, innovative artists, the possibilities are wide open. You can request a wholly customizable designyou’re your motorcycle helmet to your precise specifications. Close attention to detail is one of the reasons why our designs continue to grow in popularity.

Don’t hesitate to contact our full-service custom airbrush shop in suburban Batavia and tell us all about what you want – the more specific the better! You’ll enjoy the process and we’ll work hard to meet and surpass your expectations! We approach each paint job with total dedication and use great care with each helmet we customize.

Psychotic Air can fulfill your needs whether it’s a tasteful logo for your company or a variety of dynamic images for a collection of several helmets.

Safe, Non-Toxic Airbrushing Paints and Products

While motorcycle helmets are manufactured from extremely durable materials, the surface is frequently coated with a smooth finish that’s made to be resistance to dents and scratches. So when it comes to applying paints to the helmet, it is essential to select products that do not contain chemicals.

We apply only the best airbrush paints on the market that are made to last without degrading or corroding the helmet’s surface. You’ll see remarkable results that preserve the finish and last for a long time.

We’re the Airbrush Chicago Motorcycle Helmet Experts

Airbrushing motorcycle helmets is a very technical application that requires experience and expertise of capable artists. At Psychotic Air, we place a priority on delivering superior results at rates that are affordable for our valuable clientele.

Our Airbrush Chicago artists have years of experience in the industry and know exactly how create beautiful designs for motorcycle helmets that you’ll enjoy for a long time to come.

A Brief Look at Motorcycle Helmet Laws in Illinois

There isn’t a law in the state of Illinois requiring motorcycle riders to wear a helmet. Advocates of traffic safety, however, encourage motorcycle riders to wear a helmets for the reliable protection they offer. Unfortunately, regardless of how experienced and safety-conscious a rider may be, dangerous drivers and unpredictable roadway conditions can lead to devastating and even fatal injuries in a traffic accident.

While a helmet might not prevent every type of injury, it definitely provides a significant degree of protection for riders.

Illinois and Iowa are currently the only states in the U.S.A. that do not have motorcycle helmet safety requirements on the books. Over the last few years, road safety groups have lobbied successfully many state legislatures to make it mandatory for motorcycle riders to wear a helmet

A lot of research shows that helmets significantly reduce the number of fatalities and risks of brain injuries resulting from motorcycle accidents. With compelling evidence in favor of wearing motorcycle helmets, those arguing for stricter motorcycle helmet requirements have been successful in many states.

Psychotic Air is your source for affordable, professional Airbrush Chicago services for your car, truck, motorcycle or motorcycle helmet. Call us today at 630-244-3150.

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